Women and men who wish to address their concerns about their midsection should review the tummy tuck procedure. The procedure allows them to get rid of sagging skin and create a more appealing abdomen. It gives them a real solution to these conditions after significant weight loss. As they examine potential choices they should start by asking, “What you should know before you get plastic surgery?”

How is a Tummy Tuck Performed?

The board certified breast implants surgeon administers anesthesia to render the patient unconscious. Next, they complete the procedure based on the type of tummy tuck they chose. A complete tummy tuck requires the surgeon cuts the patient’s abdomen from one hipbone to the other. They contour the muscle, skin, and tissue of the abdomen to achieve the desired results. This involves relocating the navel. The doctor installs drainage tubes after a complete tummy tuck for a few days as well.

For a partial tummy tuck, the surgeon addresses fat deposits that are below the belly button. They contour the abdomen in the same manner as they would for a complete tummy tuck. These reduced procedures don’t take more than two hours in most cases.

What are the Benefits of a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks could present women with the opportunity to regain their pre-pregnancy body. The procedure addresses sagging skin that hinders the patient’s appearance. They could also help men who have experienced multiple surgeries and want to eliminate skin that has lost its elasticity. Patients who have undergo gastric bypass surgery could also receive these procedures to trim away unwanted skin. The female plastic surgeon Dr. ROXY helps these patients acquire these benefits.

Are There Any Risks?

The risks associated with liposuction begins with the potential of an infection. Bleeding, blood clots, and swelling are also possible. Numbness and bruising could occur, but is eliminated within a few weeks after the surgery. Patients with existing health concerns such as heart disease or diabetes are at a greater risk after receiving this procedure. Patients who experience any of these symptoms should contact their surgeon immediately for emergency care.

Women and men who have concerns about sagging skin should consider the benefits of a tummy tuck. These procedures could help patients achieve a flatter, firmer abdomen. They assist exercise efforts and allow patients to achieve the body they desire quickly. Patients who wish to schedule these procedure should contact a local all female plastic surgery group for more details now.